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How long does an iPad last?

The average lifespan of an iPad is around four years. However, with proper care and maintenance, your iPad can last much longer.

What should I do with my old iPad?

There are a few things you can do with your old iPad. You could trade it in for a newer model, sell it, or give it to someone who can use it.

What does an iPad do that a laptop does not?

An iPad is a great device for browsing the internet, checking email, and playing games. However, it cannot replace a laptop for word processing or writing code tasks.

What's the difference between iPad Air and iPad?

The iPad Air is the lighter and thinner version of the iPad. It has a faster processor and better camera than the regular iPad.

Is 32 GB enough iPad?

32 GB is enough for most people. However, if you plan on storing a lot of movies or music on your iPad, you may want to get the 64 GB model.

Which iPad is right for you?

Which iPad should you purchase? It’s a much more complicated decision than it used to be, with five models of iPad officially to buy from Apple and many older variants still available from third-party retailers – and that’s before we get into elements like colors, storage options, cellular connectivity and optional accessories.

But don’t worry! We at Macbroo are iPad experts, and this section features our picks for the best iPads available right now, as well as expert buying advice on what to look for when shopping for an iPad. If you’re interested in Android and Windows alternatives, check out our list of the finest tablets.

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What makes an iPad an iPad?

The iPad, like the iPhone, is largely a touch device. The front is dominated by a 9.7-inch (24.6-centimeter) touch screen, with a single button beneath it (the same Home button seen on the iPhone). Apple sells the iPad in two colors: black with a black face bezel and white with a white face bezel. The front also contains a webcam for FaceTime video calling, while the back has a higher definition camera for shooting better images. The smooth, curved metal body of the iPad resembles that of an iPhone 3GS rather than the newer iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. At the upper edge of its curving surface is a power button. The iPad’s only other buttons are on the right side of the device: a volume rocker controls volume, and another button can be used to mute or rotate the screen.

The best iPads in 2022:

With so many iPads on the market, selecting the ideal one is more difficult than ever. We’re here to assist you.

GETTING AN IPAD SHOULD BE EASY. You just get whatever’s new, don’t you? If only…. Apple sells four different iPad versions, each with its unique set of advantages. Furthermore, an increasing number of older iPads are floating across the world’s eBays. Because all of these gadgets appear to be the same, it’s critical to understand what you’re purchasing and how much you should spend for it. This guide covers the best iPads available right now, the key differences between models, and every old model that still exists (including the ones you should avoid at all costs).

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Most People’s Choice

The Apple iPad (2021, 9th Gen)

The ninth-generation iPad is the best tablet for the majority of people (8/10, WIRED Recommends), and it is also the most cheap iPad. Because it is the same shape and size as its predecessors, all current accessories, including the first-generation Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard, will work. The Home button and wide borders surrounding the 10.2-inch screen remain.

The A13 Bionic chip, which debuted on the iPhone 11, makes it one of the most powerful tablets on the market for the price, and this generation brings other welcome improvements, such as 64 gigabytes of storage rather than 32. True Tone is now available on the screen, which adjusts the color temperature of the display to match the ambient lighting around you, making it appear more natural. The real highlight, however, is the front camera, which has been upgraded from the terrible 1.2-megapixel sensor to 12 megapixels and supports Center Stage, an iPad Pro feature that moves the camera around during video calls so you always stay in the frame. (However, the camera positioning remains odd.)

This is the first iPad that does not have a completely laminated display, resulting in an air gap between the screen and the glass. It simply means that interaction with the slate isn’t as accurate as it is with previous iPads, which is especially obvious with the Pencil.

Can you use the iPad as a phone?

No, you cannot use the iPad as a phone. However, you can use it to video chat with other people using apps such as Skype.

Does iPad use SIM card?

No, iPad does not use a SIM card.

Which do you prefer, an iPad or an iPad mini, and why?

This is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer the larger screen size of the iPad, while others prefer the smaller and more portable size of the iPad mini.

Is it possible to upgrade the RAM inside an iPad?

No, it is not possible to upgrade the RAM inside an iPad.

What is your opinion of the build quality in Apple iPad pros?

The build quality of the iPad Pros is very good. They are made with high-quality materials and are built to last.

Is mirroring iPad to iPad possible?

Yes, it is possible to mirror your iPad to another iPad.

The best option for portability


iPad Mini from Apple (2021, 6th Gen)

The iPad Mini, on the other hand, looks like no other iPad Mini (8/10, WIRED Recommends). The design of Apple’s 2021 redesign is similar to that of the iPad Pro, with smaller bezels surrounding the 8.3-inch screen. It’s a little shorter than its predecessor, and its small size makes it ideal for carrying around with you. You might even be able to slip it inside the pocket of your cargo trousers. It does away with the Home button but does not use Face ID—like the iPad Air, Touch ID is built into the Sleep/Wake key. It also has sub-6 5G connectivity if you add a cellular plan, but the best feature is the USB-C charging port, which allows you to charge it with your MacBook charger.

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With the newest A15 Bionic CPU, it can handle almost any taxing software or game available. It has better front and back cameras (plus Center Stage on the selfie cam) and second-generation Apple Pencil support, so the stylus magnetically attaches to the edge and charges at the same time. It’s not going to slide off the desk!

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Best for Getting Things Done

iPad Air by Apple (2022, 5th Gen)

The 2022 iPad Air (8/10, WIRED Recommends) now includes an M1 processor, the same as found in the iPad Pro and MacBook Air, making it the most powerful tablet available for the money. The design is identical to the 2020 model, with the same 10.9-inch LCD screen, slim bezels, USB-C port, and Touch ID integrated into the top power button. It also supports the second-generation Apple Pencil (Amazon), as well as the Smart and Magic Keyboards. What has changed? If you choose the cellular variant, Apple has incorporated sub-6 5G compatibility as well as a front camera with a higher-resolution 12-megapixel sensor (plus support for Center Stage).

This tablet is lighter and nearly as small as the normal iPad, but it has a bigger screen, making it a better alternative for working. However, multitasking on iPadOS is still not as easy as it is on a MacBook, and the first-party accessories add up to make it fairly pricey.

iPad features and options

To see all of the iPad features and options I would suggest comparing the different models here.

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When will Apple release new iPads?

There are no solid rumors about the next-generation iPad’s release date as of yet, which is understandable given that the current model was only released in September 2021.

Having said that, we can make an educated prediction based on prior iPad launches.

The latest 9th-generation iPad was unveiled on September 14, 2021, while the 8th- and 7th-generation iPads were released on September 15, 2020, and September 12, 2019, respectively. Apple appears to favor a mid-September upgrade for its entry-level iPad, but we can go a step further because Apple has events on Tuesdays.

Applying that formula to the next-generation iPad, the closest Tuesday to the previous reveal dates in 2022 is September 13th, 2022, with availability expected within a week or two of the announcement. It’s far from certain at this point, but it gives us a reasonable sense of when we may anticipate the 10th-generation iPad.

 iPad accessories

ONE OF THE BEST THINGS ABOUT OWNING AN IPAD is that you never run out of accessories. There are several cases, cables, adapters, styli, keyboards, stands, and other accessories available to customize your tablet. But what should you purchase? I’ve spent over two years filling a corner of my little New York apartment with bins of iPad accessories in order to locate the finest iPad accessories. There’s something here for everyone, whether you already have an iPad or just bought one after reading our Best iPad guide.


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iPad Cases

The finest iPad covers have a straightforward mission: safeguard your iPad 10.2 (2021) at all costs. Anything else is simply frosting on the cake.


Even though the 10.2-inch iPad is Apple’s cheapest tablet, you’ll want to safeguard your $329 investment from drops, dust, and filth. However, that is not the sole function of a decent iPad case. Aside from enhancing your unique style, the finest iPad covers contain productivity-enhancing capabilities like as keyboards. Furthermore, Apple is taking steps to reduce the environmental impact(opens in new tab) of their manufacturing process, and some iPad cases go above and beyond in terms of sustainability.


As a result, there is a plethora of iPad covers on the market right now, possibly overwhelming you with options. We’ve got your back when it comes to commandeering the trendiest custom case to compliment your job. (Also in front.)


From exquisite leather to impact-resistant polycarbonate, here are the latest iPad covers to choose. (Don’t yet have an iPad? In your search to get the greatest tablet for your needs, look into the top iPad discounts.)

What is the best iPad case for Apple?

The Logitech Combo Touch cover instantly transforms your iPad into a mini-MacBook, and the full-size keyboard is ideal for mobile multitasking. Logitech even incorporates a trackpad for gesture controls and simple browser navigation. When you consider top-tier tablet safety, it’s simple to see why this is our favorite iPad case.

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The Otterbox Symmetry Series Folio iPad Case is a stylish way to show off your new tablet, and the built-in stand is stable in both typing and viewing modes. Otterbox has long been a reputable name in the mobile case industry, and this one is unlikely to disappoint.

The Catalyst Waterproof Case adds waterproofing to a lengthy list of functions for individuals who prefer to take their iPad to the beach. The most important ones, however, are the IP68 and 810G ratings, which keep your tablet dry in depths of up to 6.6 feet and unshattered when dropped up to 4 feet above ground.

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The iPad is fantastic on its own, but why not turn it into a laptop every now and then? That’s exactly what the Logitech Combo Touch case is all about, with an integrated precision trackpad and full-size keyboard to complement the iPad’s 10.2-inch screen, making it simple to work with documents and spreadsheets on the go.

Students and mobile professionals will enjoy using multi-finger controls to swipe, pinch, and double-tap their way through apps like Notes, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. The illuminated keys have five adjustable brightness settings and are as clicky as those on any MacBook. You’ll enjoy hours of work with no finger fatigue thanks to the comfortable spacing and superb ergonomics.

At the top of the keyboard, there’s a dedicated row of shortcut buttons for media controls, key brightness, and screen brightness, as well as four use modes: typing, viewing, sketching, and reading. When you need it, the adjustable kickstand is there; when you don’t, it’s gone.

When you’re done typing, you can separate the Combo Touch’s keyboard from the iPad and use it independently. You’ll never have to worry about charging the keyboard because it’s powered by the tablet’s Smart Connector.

Because your beautiful new tablet is primarily covered by plastic, some of the finest iPad covers trade protection for fashion. This is not the case with the Otterbox iPad Symmetry Series Folio Case (which works with the 7th and 8th gen iPads in addition to the current model). The clear back of this Otterbox iPad cover allows you to show off your iPad’s asset tags or engravings.

A soft microfiber lining on the inside covers the screen, which is made of durable polycarbonate and synthetic rubber on the outside, and magnets activate wake and sleep mode. There’s also an Apple Pencil holder for when you need it. Otterbox backs up this iPad case with a limited lifetime guarantee, so you know the company stands behind its goods.

Are you planning on taking your iPad outside? Then you must first weatherproof it. The Catalyst Waterproof Case for 10.2-inch iPad takes care of that in a flash.

With IP68 and MIL-810G standards, this cover keeps your iPad waterproof for up to 6.6 feet and drop-proof for up to 4 feet. (It’s also mud and snow resistant.) Spilled coffee is no longer an issue, because you can quickly clean your covered iPad with detergent and water anytime the case becomes too sticky or grimy.

This case supports Touch ID, providing full access to the power port and buttons. It also has an adjustable stand for holding up your iPad in bed or on the couch. (Or beneath a beach towel.) Taking images is never hampered by trapped dirt or sand because to the hard-coated plastic surrounding the camera lens. The case is available in three different colors, offering a last degree of customisation to an already well-organized product.

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For Drawing or Writing – an Apple Pencil


The Apple Pencil is one of the most helpful iPad accessories. It is supported by the whole current range, from the Mini to the Pro. It’s great for drawing, with a slight lag when the Pencil glides across the glass display. As you press harder, your lines become thicker, much like a regular pencil. The Pencil is also useful for navigating iPadOS, which includes handwriting support in various search fields so you don’t have to switch to the keyboard to type—as well as signing or marking up documents.


The first-generation Pencil has a few flaws. When you’re not using it, there’s no good place to connect it to your iPad, you have to remove the cap and plug the end of the stylus into the iPad to charge it (it has a Lightning connector), and it loves to roll off any surface. With the second-generation device, which magnetically clings to the top of compatible iPads and wirelessly charges, Apple addressed all of these difficulties. The basic iPad is now the only device that still employs the first-generation Pencil.


Another choice: The Logitech Crayon ($70) is a somewhat less expensive option that I prefer. It’s especially suitable for children because it’s thicker while yet providing excellent palm rejection, pressure sensitivity, and minimal latency.

Arm Mounts and Stands

The finest iPad stands may increase your iPad’s usability in a variety of ways, some of which you may not have considered. With the help of a simple stand, you can transform your iPad into a second computer monitor, a TV, a lectern for speaking notes, a sheet music stand, or a recipe holder. And, in most circumstances, it will accomplish all of this at a fair cost.

In this guide, we’ve selected our favorite iPad supports available right now. We’ve included a variety of styles and configurations; some are designed to be placed on a desk, while others are free-standing or even on wheels. Different stands will also accommodate different iPad sizes, so we have some that are best suited to a small iPad Mini and others that can easily accommodate a 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

(Incidentally, if you’re perplexed by all the different types and sizes of iPad available, our iPad generations article is a good place to start.)

All of the iPads on this list have been reviewed based on their specs, consumer comments, and, when applicable, our own personal experiences. The stands on this list are priced in a variety of ranges, so whatever your budget, there should be something here for you.

If you’re looking for the iPad itself, our guide to the top iPad offers will be useful in ensuring you obtain the greatest price. Do you intend to doodle or take notes on your iPad? You’ll also require the finest iPad stylus.

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The Twelve South HoverBar Duo stood out among all the iPad supports we examined for a few reasons. One advantage is its versatility; it allows you to hold an iPad in portrait or landscape orientations and can handle almost any size variant of iPad or iPhone you’re likely to use. Place it high up for a great selfie position, or low down to use the tablet as a notepad. The Hoverbar Duo makes it simple, and owing to its weighted desk support, it won’t fall over.

The ability to charge the iPad while using it is obviously a useful supplementary function; but, as we will see, not all iPad stands enable this. The Twelve South HoverBar Duo is a high-quality stand that is reasonably priced and well-built. It’ll work great for setting up a second monitor, binging TV, or whatever else you can think of.

Okay, it’s not completely invisible. However, the Moft Invisible Tablet Stand’s clever design allows it to slot in seamlessly and unobtrusively behind your iPad, meaning the stand itself almost disappears when viewed from the front. It’s similar to mounting an invisible shelf to a wall in your home, and it’ll likely be appealing to those who prefer minimalist desk setups.

The back panel can be folded and set up in six different configurations, giving you a lot of flexibility in how you want your iPad to be set up – and you can also choose between landscape and portrait orientations (though the iPad will only be able to charge when set up in landscape).

It’s worth noting that the Moft Invisible Tablet Stand can only hold iPads with screens up to 11 inches in size, so if you’re using the premium iPad Pro 12.9 models, you’ll have to try another option on the list. This is a sleek and premium-feeling iPad stand if it is compatible with your tablet.

The Satechi R1 is a premium iPad stand that also works with iPhones and MacBooks, making it an excellent choice if you own a variety of Apple products. The R1 is made of fine aluminum and is available in black, silver, or space grey to match the finish of your iPad.


This is a particularly smart choice if you intend to use your iPad as a second monitor because it is sturdy and inconspicuous. It folds down to a fairly small size, making it an excellent alternative for travel, albeit angle and adjustment options are somewhat restricted. You have a few height options but no rotation. If you’re searching for something more adaptable, check out our following item.

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If you prefer to have your iPad free-standing on the floor rather than on a table or desk, the CTA Digital Gooseneck Floor Stand for iPad is a cost-effective solution. The long gooseneck is highly adjustable, allowing you to bend it to almost any angle you want, but it’s also made of solid steel, so you can rest assured that your iPad is securely supported.

Wheeled variants of the CTA Digital Gooseneck Floor Stand are also available; however, they are more expensive. If you give a lot of video lectures or talks on Zoom, a free-standing iPad may be just what you need to avoid spending all day hunched over your desk.

The iPad is a stunning piece of industrial design, so it only makes sense to pair it with a stand that is equally stunning, and we’re quite taken with the Yohann iPad Stand. It’s perhaps the most fascinating iPad stand we’ve seen, resembling a work of sculpture rather than a simply functional product.

Carved from a single block of wood (you can choose between walnut and oak), it can hold your iPad in a variety of positions, both landscape and portrait. So you don’t lose anything in the name of beauty, there are cut-outs for the speakers and charging wire. There’s also a 12.9-inch iPad Pro variant with a built-in Apple Pencil holder.

Because the iPad is so portable, many iPad owners will want to use it in bed or while relaxing on a sofa to read, work, or watch entertainment. The problem is that holding an iPad comfortably while lying down is difficult, and you’ll frequently find yourself having to sit up in order to keep your arms from aching, defeating the purpose of being in bed.

The flexible Lamicall LS07 gooseneck iPad stand tries to alleviate this problem by allowing you to precisely position your iPad. Clamp it to a neighboring desk or table, position your iPad, and you’re ready to unwind. The stand is strong enough to hold your iPad in place while watching, reading, or browsing, but it isn’t stable enough to hold your iPad still while drawing with a stylus.

It may be difficult to keep passengers interested on a lengthy road journey, especially if those passengers are small children. Fortunately, this iPad Headrest Mount from iKross may be able to save you from a hellish ride. It clamps into your car’s headrests and has several positioning choices. You can position an iPad in landscape or portrait mode, tilt it however you want, and extend the stand so the tablet sits between the two front seats, allowing everyone in the back to see. In our opinion, its adaptability makes it an excellent companion for lengthy excursions.

Some iPad covers double as stands, allowing you to tackle two problems at once, but few can elevate your tablet like the Moft Float. Its double-hinge stand folds out from the case and can raise your tablet up to 3.15 inches in landscape mode, giving it the appearance of a miniature monitor, which is ideal for desktop use.

In portrait mode, the stand supports the iPad in a comfortable reading position. When you’re finished, the stand folds up and becomes a durable plastic casing for your tablet. This two-in-one ease makes this one of the best iPad stands for the money.





Keyboard cases

An iPad can do practically everything a laptop can, but to really replace a PC, a decent physical keyboard is also required. We’ve tried over 100 iPad keyboard cases over the years, and the Zagg Pro Keys is the one you should acquire for any non-Pro iPad. The Pro Keys is as comfortable to type on as the competitors, and it feels more like a standard laptop keyboard. It also offers complete security.


In addition to delivering an excellent typing experience, the Pro Keys has certain advantages that other keyboard cases do not. Its keys are lighted, and you may cycle through several colors and brightness settings. When you don’t need to type, you may remove the case from the keyboard configuration and utilize simply the protection. You don’t have to settle for a fixed posture in every case since you have two viewing perspectives. You may even couple it with two devices, such as an iPad and a phone, and switch between them as required. Dedicated iPadOS function buttons enable quick access to frequently used functions, and an Apple Pencil holder makes it easy to transport the pen. Although the Pro Keys is larger and heavier than other rivals, the extra bulk isn’t significant, and it adds utility.

Logitech’s Slim Folio features excellent keys, which is why it was our top selection for many years (and remains so for 9.7-inch iPads). It connects to your iPad automatically when it’s properly aligned in the typing position and disconnects when it’s not, so you never have to worry about turning the keyboard on or off. This clever power management allows the replaceable coin-cell battery to last up to four years, which is likely to be the amount of time you’ll use the iPad. However, there is just one typing angle, the keys are not lighted, and the casing cannot be separated from the keyboard.


A trackpad is not required to use an iPad, but having one might make your tablet seem more like a laptop. The 10.2 Max+ for iPad (7th, 8th, and 9th generation) from Brydge is the best non-Pro iPad keyboard case with a trackpad, and it’s a solid upgrade in its own right. The trackpad is comfortable to use and fully supports all iPadOS movements. The keys themselves are comfortable to type on, and the detachable OtterBox shell is more durable than the Slim Folio. If you want an all-in-one solution, the Max+ is worth the extra money.


Pair our favorite Bluetooth keyboard, the Logitech K380 for Mac Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard, with a good iPad case to get the least expensive keyboard case without sacrificing a good typing experience. The K380 for Mac is bulkier than an all-in-one keyboard case, and it’s less convenient, but it’s much less expensive, and it’s a joy to type on.






iPad Hubs

The iPad Pro has used the ubiquitous USB-C connection for charging and accessories from 2018. With this single USB-C port, you have more peripheral options for your iPad Pro, as there are hubs available to add USB 3.0 ports, more USB-C with Power Delivery, SD card readers, HDMI display outputs, and more. While there are other excellent iPad Pro USB-C hubs on the market, we believe the HyperDrive 9-in-1 USB-C Hub Adapter is the finest overall selection.

The HyperDrive 9-in-1 USB-C Hub Adapter is a hub that connects to the iPad Pro’s USB-C connector. It’s similar to a little block with a grip that helps distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure on the port itself. Unlike many other USB-C hubs, this one was created with the iPad Pro in mind.

The HyperDrive USB-C Hub Adapter has Gigabit Ethernet, 4K HDMI, 3x USB 3.1, SD & MicroSD reader, and 3.5mm audio connector. These ports should cover all of the requirements for which an adapter would be required for the iPad Pro. The HDMI connection supports 1080p@60Hz, 2K@60Hz, and 4K@30Hz resolutions.

Because the HyperDrive is designed to be flush with the rest of the iPad Pro, the aluminum enclosure is available in Space Gray or Silver to match your iPad Pro perfectly. Despite being designed specifically for the iPad Pro, the HyperDrive is also compatible with your MacBook and other USB-C devices, making it quite universal.

This adapter also comes with optional grips and extension cables, allowing it to be used with iPad Pros with screen protectors, cases, and other USB-C devices.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a reliable USB-C hub converter, Zedela’s 6-in-1 USB-C Hub is a fantastic option.


This hub provides you with six more ports: 1 USB-C to HDMI port (4K/30Hz), 1 Type C PD charging port (87W), 13.5mm Audio/Mic jack, 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 SD card reader, and 1 TF/Micro SD card reader Unfortunately, it requires a cable to connect. So, if you don’t mind having a dongle hanging off your iPad Pro while you work on it, it should be alright. The pricing is quite reasonable in comparison to what you receive.


Because it connects via wire and does not rest flush with the iPad Pro, this hub is also compatible with any USB-C device. So, even if you don’t need it for your iPad Pro, you may use it with your USB-C MacBook or other devices.





If you want something simple to connect your iPad to a monitor to display video, this Pro Hub Adapter from Satechi does the job and then some.

This simple little adapter, like the HyperDrive, connects directly to your iPad Pro’s USB-C port, but it is a bit smaller and only has four ports: USB-C PD charging, 4K HDMI, USB 3.0, and a 3.5mm audio jack. If you don’t need to transfer photographs or movies from an SD card, this hub will suffice, and it’s reasonably priced.

The Satechi Mobile Pro Hub Adapter is intended for use with the iPad Pro’s USB-C port. It is also composed of aluminum and available in hues that match the finish of your iPad Pro, making it appear seamless. Of course, this hub is also compatible with other USB-C devices.

Baseus’ USB-C Hub and Docking Station is ideal if you want something practical that can be tucked away in a corner and is discreet.

It connects to a USB-C connector, but the plug is elegant and exits at a 90-degree angle, conserving space. The connector is connected to the hub by a short cable, and the hub itself is attached to the corner of your iPad Pro. This space-saving design keeps it out of the way while yet delivering all of the connections you require. 4K HDMI output, USB-C PD charging, an SD card reader, a USB 3.0 connector, and a 3.5mm headphone jack are all included.

The PD charging connector delivers up to 60W of power, so there’s no need to be concerned about battery life. All in one small, compact box, you get rapid data transfer, crystal clear picture quality, and dependable connections.

For those searching for the best iPad Pro USB-C hub made particularly for the iPad Pro, we believe the HyperDrive 9-in-1 USB-C Hub Adapter is the finest option. It attaches directly to the iPad Pro and completely fits the design with the aluminum body and finish, giving the impression that it was developed by Apple. It also includes six more connections, including an SD card slot, which all of the other alternatives lack. And the HyperDrive still works if you need it for another USB-C device.