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Apple has published the second developer beta of iOS 14 today, including some minor improvements to the system. And now, we’ve discovered a secret function in the Wallet app that allows users to utilize Apple Pay to make purchases with QR Codes.

Apple is working on a new technique for allowing customers to make Apple Pay purchases by scanning a QR Code or standard barcode with the iPhone camera, according to references found in the iOS 14 code.

We were able to gain access to this feature concealed in iOS 14 beta 2, and while it currently does not operate, we can plainly see a picture demonstrating how it will work. Users will aim the iPhone camera at a QR Code or standard barcode to pay bills and other items using an Apple Pay-enabled card.

The inverse would also work, with users bringing the iPhone up to a scanner and scanning a QR Code created by the Wallet app. Because this code was discovered in a public system API, we can also assume that there will be some interaction with third-party programs.

Apple did not address this feature at WWDC 2020, and it is not yet complete, so we do not know when it will be accessible to customers. It’s worth noting that feature was not there in the first iOS 14 developer beta, which was published last month, indicating that Apple is still working on it.

iOS 14 is set to be launched later this year, with a public beta version available this month.